About Me

My introduction and education in Real Estate

started back in college, 1989, in Los Angeles, California.  Having been through so many home inspections, I have a sharp eye on what to look for and potential red flags that I can point out before you need to spend money on a professional home inspection. I am a licensed full-time Portland Oregon Realtor.
Whether you are a long time resident looking to purchase or soon to be moving or relocating to Portland and wanting to learn more, I am here to help. I always answer my phone, or do my best to return calls immediately. I am a firm believer of timely communication. 503-267-7535.

I have been working with Portland relocation from day one as a licensed Portland Realtor and I love it!  Having a vast knowledge of the neighborhoods, local school districts, community charm and just an overall love for our city, I have a true passion of wanting to introduce people to Portland. I am a professional in this industry through and through and that is something you will greatly appreciate while being represented in one of the biggest moves of your life.

My past working bio consisted of other interests within public relations:
*An Astronomy educator for NASA and the Griffith Observatory.
*President/CEO of AIRTIME BOARDS snowboard company.
*Creator and author of KEVDIDDY children’s music, books and videos.
*Wedding cake decorator at various bakery’s.

In my spare time I enjoy cooking extravagant meals, camping where you can’t see civilization and especially by a river so I can go fishing. I love  giving star talks under a clear night sky and talking about distant galaxies and planets.  The White Album…amazing!. I brewing my own organic blueberry wine and also garden. I have been growing and living off of my organic vegetable garden for the past 26 years, including a dozen different fruit trees and several varieties of berry bushes. I also have 4 happy and healthy chickens from which I get a dozen of fresh eggs weekly. Spending time with my beautiful boy Elijah….. that is of course  pure happiness. He now loves picking weeds and planting seeds. Sweet!

I believe in and encourage recycling of our trash, composting of our foods and supporting eco-friendly green homes. To ensure we keep Oregon a beautiful, green and resourceful state, this web page was printed on 100% recycled keyboard pads 🙂





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