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Public schools revenue and expenditures vary by school district but Portland public schools spend an average of $8,079 per student each year. Relocation To Portland is providing a great introduction to schools in the Portland School district along with ratings and reviews.

Below are Portland schools on the West and East side that are on a 10 point ratings based off of the National Great Schools.com rating system in all points for a thorough education rated back in 2009. These are not my own personal ratings. If you would like any additional information please feel free to contact me anytime.
*Please use buyers due-diligence by contacting to Portland Public Schools to confirm that your desired home falls within your desired school district.

Northeast Portland Schools:

Alameda Elementary School 10 stars
Laurelhurst Elementary School 10 stars
Grant High school 9 stars
Di-Vinci-Arts Middle School 9 stars
Beaumont Middle School 8 stars
Sabin Elementary School 7 stars
Beverly Cleary School 7 stars
Benson Polytechnic High School 7 stars
The Vestal School 5 stars

Southeast Portland Schools:

Winterhaven School 10 stars
Sellwood Middle School 9 stars
Richmond Japanese Immersion School 9 stars (Video Link Included)
Mt. Tabor Middle School
9 stars
Duniway Elementary 9 stars
Buckman Art Focus School 9 stars
Abernethy Elementary School 9 stars (Video link included)
Llewellyn Elementary School 9 stars
Cleveland High School 9 stars
Glencoe Elementary School 8 stars
Sunnyside Environmental School 8 stars
Hosford Middle School 8 stars
Woodstock Elementary School 8 stars
Meriwether Lewis Elementary School 7 stars
Arleta School K-8 6 stars
Clark K-8 Binnsmead 6 stars
Creston K-8 6 stars

Northwest Portland Schools:

Forest Park Elementary school 10 stars
Lincoln High School 10 stars
Skyline Elementary 9 stars
Metropolitan Learning center 8 stars
Chapman elementary School 8 stars
The Emerson School,  K-5 7stars

Southwest Portland Schools:

West Sylvan Middle School 10 stars
Stephenson Elementry 9 stars
Wilson High School 9 stars
Maplewood Elementary School 9 stars
Bridlemile Elementary School 9 stars
Ainsworth Elementary School 9 stars
Rieke Elementary School 9 stars
Jackson Middle School 9 stars
The Opal School 9 stars
Capitol Hill Elementary School 8 stars
Gray Middle School 8 stars
Hayhurst School K-8 7 stars
Markham Elementary School 5 stars

North Portland Schools:

Rowanberry School

Astor Elementary School 8 stars
Chief Joseph Elementary School 7 stars
George Middle School 5 stars

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