Moving to Portland Oregon

A complete guide to moving to Portland Oregon

While working together with people who are moving to Portland Oregon, a common question is, “What are some of the big Portland attractions and places of interest?” To help with that often asked questions, I have created 101 cool Portland places


Another popular question asked is, ” I am looking for a school that has some of the educational principles that I am looking for as well as being local to where we purchase our next house. “Perfect!”  I respond. Check out my Portland Schools page.

All-in-one online relocation guide, view this Portland Relocation page which is packed full of useful and valuable resources. Moving to Portland Oregon has never been easier.

When driving through the Portland neighborhoods be sure to drive up and down the residential streets to view many of those original charmers as well as historically restored homes.
You will be amazed at the gorgeous architecture and exterior landscaping. Victorian and Cottage homes from the late 1880’s are impressive eye-pleasers. You will also see some lovely built newer homes such as Craftsman, Contemporary, Custom-built and “Old-PDX” style homes. I’m a Portland relocation specialist here to make your move to Portland that much easier.

Below is a search of the top 10 oldest built homes as well as the newest built homes for sale in the inner Northeast and Southeast Portland areas. Click “View Detail”

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